Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

As the enterprise telephony market transforms itself from circuit-based to packet switching, organizations are starting to realize the efficiencies of network convergence. As networking becomes more affordable, versatility and resource efficiencies become more apparent.

We look at VoIP as representing VALUE OVER IP as there is definite and clearly illustrated value delivered to organizations when migrating to a voice over IP platform. Our managed service allows the customer to forgo the traditional capital and operational costs associated with procuring, installing, and managing their own premise-based solution.

Key Benefits of VoIP Services

Business Continuity, allowing for the greatest amount of flexibility in physical location
In the event of a physical disruption within your facility, the system is designed for remote access. Your phone set becomes your business.

One-number feature
A one-number, find-me-follow-me feature that allows customers to use a simple web-based interface to consolidate all their telephone numbers into a single number. The one-number rings at all destinations, and the call is routed to the first phone to be picked up.

One-mailbox feature
A one-mailbox feature that eliminates the complexities of retrieving mail from multiple mailboxes. Voicemail messages are sent as an email, and saved on the user’s computer just like any other file.

Soft Client Feature
A soft client feature that provides mobile work forces with the same functionality and ability to connect to the new services from remote locations as from the office.

Eliminate Obsolescence
Eliminate Obsolescence, all relevant upgrades and patches along with ongoing maintenance costs are managed.

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