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The Advantages for Insurance Companies of Providing Mobile Apps – TH Telecom
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The Advantages for Insurance Companies of Providing Mobile Apps

These days everyone is connected through their phones. They use their mobile devices in almost everything that they do, and any industry that is not a part of this fundamental change risks being left behind. The insurance industry is no exception, and http://sharpmobile.ca/ have produced the best insurance apps for finding and retaining customers.

How Mobile Apps Help
Mobile solutions make the provision of insurance company services easier in a number of ways, particularly when it involves the handling of claims. Not only do they increase efficiency, user engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty, but they also go a long way to reducing the mountains of expensive paperwork that were once an inescapable part of the insurance business.

There are four major reasons that mobile apps are invaluable to insurance companies:

Building Customer Loyalty
The delivery of information related to claims directly into the user’s device creates brand loyalty. A consistent and convenient app experience for users means that they will be far less likely to shop around for other policies, as they are comfortable with how the app’s parent company works. In a complex industry like insurance, simplification and user comfort are utterly invaluable for the retention of customers.

Simplifying the Processing of Claims
It has been claimed by industry experts that Insurance mobile apps are capable of improving the efficiency of processing claims by up to 30%. The reduction in workload is not just for the customers, but also the employees of the insurance company. The capacity to take photos of property or at the scene of an incident has also proven invaluable in the speedy and accurate processing of claims.

Delivering What Customers Are Asking For
Over 75% of people aged 25 to 44 are using some form of health or wellness app already. The transition from monitoring your health to finding and maintaining the optimal insurance coverage is a small one. People want easy ways to stay safe and healthy, and apps that integrate coverage into people’s daily routines are sure to be popular.

Improving Customer Engagement
Apps make the maintenance of policy details and the reporting of claims much simpler and more efficient. This keeps customers engaged with the insurance company’s products by making sure that they are constantly interacting with the company through the app. Instead of taking out a policy once a decade, customers are constantly engaged with their insurance providers to make sure that their coverage is well-maintained and optimized.