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Private Line Services – TH Telecom
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Private Line Services

When privacy and security are paramount, Private Line Services delivers an “always on” premium connectivity solution.

If you routinely transport high-bandwidth files or want the assured security of dedicated, private network capacity, Private Line Services can provide the reliable point-to-point connections required. With industry-leading service standards and a 450-kilometre fibre optic network based on redundant OC48 SONET ring architecture, reliable high-quality, dedicated network capacity will be there when needed.

Key benefits of Private Line Services:

No limits or restrictions
Choose from speeds ranging from DS-3 up to OC-n (optical carrier interfaces). network has scalability built in so you can upgrade service as needed. DS-3 access ports are standard on all on net buildings and optical interfaces are available with a modification the standard interface design.

Guaranteed private capacity
Through assigned ports based on customer-selected service levels, uses Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) to ensure private, dedicated network capacity.

Reliable service
network is “always on” and has a high level of core redundancy built in to provide the top level of network availability (99.999%). At 4 hours, mean time to repair meets the highest industry standard. And 24/7/365 customer service and technical support ensure service issues are quickly identified and repairs expedited.

Extensive network footprint
Private Line Services are provisioned through access multiplexers located in buildings connected to SONET network. Our network, which spans more than 450 kilometres, connects more than 400 commercial buildings in Toronto.