Ethernet Metro Lan

Cost-effective and reliable, flexible and scaleable, Ethernet Metro LAN service makes it easy to expand your local area network.

Improve productivity with faster, more powerful interoffice network connections seamlessly with Ethernet Metro LAN service. With more than 400 commercial buildings on net in Toronto and interconnections with utility-affiliated telecom networks in major Ontario centres you can expand your LAN to connect offices next door and across town. Improved network performance means your employees can connect and communicate more effectively.

Key benefits of Ethernet Metro LAN

Hassle-free network expansion
Expand networks with proven, familiar Ethernet technology. Our native Gigabyte Ethernet core network is 100% Ethernet, providing access over protected fibre. With Virtual LAN (VLAN) technology, networks can be logically connected without having to be physically rewired, all the time keeping your network traffic private.

Choice of access interfaces
Choose any one or any combination of access speeds to suit your needs — Ethernet (10Mbps), Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) and Gigabyte Ethernet (1 Gbps). Our service is fully scaleable so you can upgrade speed of access easily and quickly.

Optional additional VLANs
Segregate traffic for departments or branches within the same physical Metro LAN network through the optional addition of multiple VLANs at a given location.

Cost-effective alternative
Compared to dedicated connections such as private lines, Ethernet Metro LAN is a cost-effective alternative for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections. It eliminates the need for costly LAN integrating equipment while delivering a competitively priced, distance independent method of connection.

Optional dedicated high-speed Internet
Integrate high-speed Internet service for any or all locations on your Metro LAN network using the same physical access circuit, saving on costs and delivering operational efficiencies.

Highly competitive pricing
With low overhead and a focus on network performance and data services, we pass our cost savings on to all of our customers.

Industry-leading standards
high service standards of 99.999% network availability and 4-hours mean-time-to-repair apply to Ethernet Metro LAN. And our Service Level Agreements clearly spell out how you are compensated for service down time.