Disaster Recovery Support Services

With industry-leading reliability, built-in core network redundancy and the flexibility to offer custom solutions, can provide redundancy and storage data transport to support disaster recovery plans.

Disaster recovery planning is about ensuring business can continue in the face of unexpected circumstances — fire, power outages, sabotage, equipment malfunctioning and computer viruses. A critical component for many businesses today is network service and data processing and that’s, where can play an important role, providing redundant network capacity and data transport for back-up purposes.

Key benefits of Disaster Recovery Support Services

Assured reliability a priority
As the backbone to any IT disaster recovery solution, network reliability is crucial. is focused on keeping our network up and running through 24/7/365 network monitoring and customer service support, and a 4-hour mean time to repair, resulting in an industry-leading 99.999% network availability.

Full range of data services for redundancy
Building redundancy for disaster recovery purposes into your IT operations often means duplicating data services, such as Internet access, Ethernet Metro LAN, Private Line Services and Video Transmission Services, to ensure a reliable alternate service. With a full range of data services backed by top network reliability, can fulfill these needs.

Protocol independent storage transport
Whether tape back-up or real-time data mirroring, reliable and timely data back-up is a key component of disaster recovery plans. When multiple protocols are involved this can be a costly proposition. Storage Transport Services eliminate this problem with a common transport network solution that takes advantage of the reliability and robust performance inherent in SONET or DWDM technology, delivering cost efficiencies over other options.

High level of built-in redundancy
With our focus on network operation, 450-km fibre optic network has considerable built-in redundancy to provide the highest level of network availability. Built into our system are:

  • Dual power feeds
  • Back-up power sources including multiple diesel generators
  • Multi-homed upstream Internet connectivity
  • Redundant core routers and servers Multi-staged, dry-pipe fire suppression system

Customized solutions available
Rarely are two disaster recovery solutions the same. For most applications, in order to have the optimal and most cost-efficient solution, some customization is required. At we specialize in specialization. Our team of experienced telecom professionals will design a range of potential solutions so you can choose the one that best meets your needs in terms of price and performance.

Cost effective and competitively priced
Protocol independent storage transport systems are one way can provide cost savings to your disaster recovery plan. Solution-based pricing is another — pricing is based on the total service and not the sum of individual components, passing on any economies of scale to you. In addition, with our low overhead and focused business plan, we are able to offer pricing on par with what most carriers reserve for their largest clients.